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Huge salmon runs return to Anchorage area rivers and streams each summer.Here you’ll spot five species of Alaska salmon: king (or chinook), red (sockeye), pink (humpys), silver (coho), and chum (sometimes called dog).

Highlights to be presented at Novo Nordisk's Capital Markets Day 2017

Bagsværd, Denmark, 21 November 2017 - Novo Nordisk will today host a Capital Markets Day where the company will provide updates on its R&D and commercial strategy as well as current market dynamics.Furthermore, it is Novo Nordisk's ambition to return to growth in the Biopharm area.

Love & Friendship C More First 13 nov 12:50 måndag

Love & Friendship C More First mån måndag 13 nov kl 12:50-14:25I England på 1790-talet möter vi den vassa och vackra Lady Susan, en ung änka som letar efter en förmögen make åt såväl sig själv som sin lågmälda dotter Frederica.Hon flyttar in hos sina svärföräldrar, och genast börjar intrigerna myllra kring henne.

Kobra SVT1 21 nov 22:00 tisdag

Kobra SVT1 idag idag 21 nov kl 22:00-22:30Cobra.Hiphopen har alltid skildrat minoriteter och utanförskap, så var hittar vi hiphopens framtid idag och vad rappar hiphopens barnbarn om?

Farfar i fickan Barnkanalen 14 nov 11:00 tisdag

Farfar i fickan Barnkanalen tis tisdag 14 nov kl 11:00-11:10Grandpa In My Pocket.När han tar på sig den blir han så liten att han får plats i Jakobs ficka, och inte nog med det - hans magi gör så att Jakobs leksaker får liv också!

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Our Renewable Energy Procurement Principles

Our investment should make a real impact, putting more renewable energy electrons on the grid.The renewable energy generation should be co-located in the same power market as our operations, so we are adding renewable electrons to the same grid from which our operations draw electrons.

H is for Hawk : Helen Macdonald : 9780099575450

At a time of very distinguished writing about the relationship between human kind and the environment, it is immediately pre-eminent.I will be surprised if a better book than H is for Hawk is published this year.

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The Road : Cormac McCarthy : 9780330513005

- Daily TelegraphThe Road is the astonishing post-apocalyptic novel by Cormac McCarthy, and winner of the Pulitzer Prize.It gives you much to think about; the full impact of the story only hitting you when you've finished the book.

Reconnecting to the Waterfront

Construction is underway on the new waterfront park in Vancouver, Washington.This site is part of the redevelopment of an old Boise-Cascade mill site along the Columbia River just west of the former Red Lion Inn at The Quay.