Elf on the Shelf gets 'surgery' at hospital after dog attack - ABC FOX Montana Local News, Weather, Sports KTMF

Orlando ER doctors came to the rescue of a severely wounded Elf on the Shelf.

7-year-old Aubrie Thelen woke up to a horrific scene. Her dog, Zoey, had attacked her Elf on the Shelf, Sam.

Thankfully, her mom is a nurse manager at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, so he was quickly brought into a trauma bay for surgery.

Since elf rules state Sam cannot be touched, the team secured a pair of special operating gloves directly from Santa. In the end, Sam was all patched up and was even treated with magic medical glitter.

He's is now back on Aubrie's shelf and out of Zoey's reach.

That's what we call excellent "elfcare coverage."