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One Missoula man faces obstacles each day that many of us don't think twice about.

Walking for example.

But thanks to a specially designed wheelchair he could do everything he did before.

However, now even that has been taken away from him too.

We first brought you Tim Gardipee's story back in the fall.

He was made paralyzed from the neck down after receiving a flu shot.

Gardipee served his country in the army and he's been paralyzed for close to five years.

But this special tracked wheelchair gave him a better quality of life.

"Of course the hardest thing is really giving up what everyone enjoys and appreciates. You can see other people enjoying the simplest things. Whether it is walking down the street or swimming," said Gardipee. 

The wheelchair was taken from his white cargo trailer overnight this week.

The chair allows him to still go fishing and camping everything a Montanan likes to do.

It was even a gift from the Wounded Warriors Foundation.

Gardipee is hoping that someone just didn't realize the special item was inside the trailer when it was taken.

Because of that he is hoping they decide to come clean and return it, but if that doesn't happen he says he needs the community's help to find it.