Mayor accused of using IDs of dead women to park in handicapped spots

Mayor accused of using IDs of dead women to park in handicapped spots

Davenport Mayor Teresa Darlene Bradley is accused of using the identities of two dead women to park in handicapped spots outside City Hall. (CNN Newsource){ }


There are calls to Florida Governor Rick Scott to suspend the mayor of a central Florida town who is accused of using the ID of a dead woman to park in a handicapped spot at City Hall.

"What she's done is a black eye on the city," said George Daniel Gordon, a town resident in an interview with CNN affiliate WFTS.

The Polk County Sheriff's Office arrested Davenport Mayor Teresa Darlene Bradley on charges of using a deceased person’s identification, possession of an altered or counterfeit decal and unlawful use of a handicapped placard.

Detectives obtained video showing Bradley parking her Ford Crown Victoria in a handicapped spot. Investigators ran the numbers on the card and they came back registered to woman named Evelyn Klinger Letterman who died in 2012. The placard that Bradley had in her car had an expiration date of Oct. 2018, which made it a false decal, according to the sheriff's office.

Investigators checked with the Polk County Tax Collector's Office which confirmed Bradley, 60, or her husband "has never been issued a handicapped placard and is not authorized to have one," said the sheriff's office.

The sheriff's office used a search warrant and found two handicapped placards issued to two different people in her home. One belonged to Letterman. The second placard belonged to a woman who died in 2015.

"We expect our elected officials to set the proper example. She not only violated the law, she embarrassed the citizens of Davenport with her illegal conduct," said Sheriff Grady Judd.

The city's charter doesn't give commissioners power to remove her and that's why they're turning to the governor for help.

According to a statement read by the Vice Mayor, Bradley parked as close as possible to the door at night for safety as a result of her being the victim of a violent carjacking.