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Martha Stewart: Work-life balance ‘didn’t work for me’

Her name has become synonymous with fresh-pressed napkins, home-cooked meals and “Martha Stewart” living.But for years, Martha Stewart said she struggled to run her home goods empire and manage a picture-perfect home life at the same time.

FBI saw 'It's a Wonderful Life' as Communist propaganda

Edgar Hoover's Communist-hunting agents thought it was a Trojan horse sneaking anti-American propaganda to the masses.This argument was compiled in a memo written by an unnamed special agent in the FBI's Los Angeles field office about "communist infiltration" of the motion picture industry.

College journalism instructor's stem cell donation could save life

The superhero traded in her cape on Wednesday for a “Gift of Life” blanket, filled with handwritten messages of thanks.“You don’t get anything back in return except for this great feeling that you really maybe helped someone in a really big way,” Glick said.

PHOTO: Guests Try to Climb Animal Kingdom’s Tree of Life at Walt Disney World

Coming out way via the Disney World subreddit, four guests were apparently trying to climb the Tree of Life at Disney’s Animal Kingdom over the weekend…

The above photo shows one of the guests in a place they are clearly not allowed to be, roughly one-third of the way up the park icon.This content is for Patrons pledging $1 or more on Patreon

I don’t know about you, but there are times when planning a Disney vacation can be overwhelming!